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This site was created to educate parrot owners in providing the best possible care for your companion birds. The site will show you functions, deficiencies, excess of vitaminsminerals, and more. Unfortunately the percentages that should be consumed for our pets is still being studied.

That’s ok. The food pyramid is always changing for humans too. The best thing to know is how what we eat helps our bodies. Learn how fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other food stuff is important in our pets' diets. Once humans realize how good it is they add new foods to their own diets.

Bookmark this home page to use as a referrance (use search to the left), Vets will take proper test to confirm what is wrong.
We are here to understand how & why the choices we make concerning foods we feed our parrots affect their lives. Food affects their appearance, their mental health, how much energy they have; including the odds of developing cancer, heart, liver, kidney disease & other chronic illnesses.

Every organism is essentially a miracle of harmony, including individual parts - cells - tissue & organs.  Perfectly dividing all necessary functions. This balanced system can easily become Unbalanced. The various pressures through our lives such as psychological stress, repeated pollutants inhaled and or being absorbed  through the skin, eating foods that may contain toxins may show with an allergy or intolerance ( which a reaction will happen days later)

All birds should be seen by an avian certified veterinarian for a well birdie check up once a year. Birds blood and stool should be tested, too. Even if the bird doesn’t show any signs of illness, it could still be present in their little bodies.

Symptoms are early signs that let us know that our bodies are not functioning properly. Our companion birds hide their symptoms very well until its time to go to the emergency room (yes they have emergency rooms for  pets.) There are not many ways of letting us know before it's too late (death.)

Nutritional needs are still not well known for our pet birds. Avian vets have the knowledge to know which tests should be taken by the symptoms (try to inform the vet of as much odd behavior). Otherwise they keep taking tests they see necessary until they are ruled out. Birds get the same illnesses as humans: liver disease, gout, tumors, heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol... the list goes on. Some of these can cause feather picking or self mutilization.

As the bird ages, their dietary needs will change. Their metabolism and activity level can also slow down and the absorption of nutrients from the food may decrease.

Nutrition is fuel. It is wise to offer a variety of foods. This helps to minimize the possibility of repeated exposure to the same pesticide, residues and other toxins or harmful things that attach to the food. It also ensures that the birds & you will be getting a wide range of necessary nutrients. Foods are handled and grown differently throughout the country. Foods rich in valuable nutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants work synergistically with one another to create maximum healing potential.

Vitamins regulate the chemical process of the body and are essential for the growth development & maintenance of good health.

Minerals assist with this in the formation of new tissue, including bones, blood and in the regulation of water. Fat soluble vitamins require dietary fats and the secretion of bile acids for efficient absorption. Fats are stored in the liver or fat tissues for long periods of time, whereas water soluble vitamins are stored briefly, leaving the kidney through the urates in the form of urine and are later excreted from the cloaca.


FDA = Food and drug admin : Monitors both domestic and imported foods to make sure pesticides tolorance set by the EPA are not exceeded.

USDA = United State Depertment of Agriculture : Has several programs that monitor food safety. For example, the pesticide levels in a limited number of samples of fruits and vegggies, rice, beef, poultry and water eah year. This inspection service for example measures arsenic levels in chickens. Even though these people are looking out for us, americas food supply is not 100% safe. There are 100 million peoople each year still getting food poisoning, tens of thousands of people experience miscarrage, impaired fertility, immune system diseases, behavioral and neauarological problems. The list goes on........ heres some precautions we can be resopsible for ourselves 

EPA = Enviromental Protection Ageency : Determines the pesticide resedue levels that may legally remain in food.  These levels are called "tolerances " and are mentioned by another goverment agency FDA.

A huge controversy surrounds the use of pesticides, herbicides, incecticides, fungicides, & rodenticides. These are substances that are appplied to  food crops to control or eliminate pests and disease. They can become toxic in large quantities or just take years of accumulation and the organs become diseased. If  farmers follow regulations we should be safe. FDA, EPA & USDA are unable to check every and all matter that arrives in the US. Advocates of organic foods are worried about the health  / enviromental hazards associated  with these chemicals. So heres some things we can do ourselves to take some precautioons before eating

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